Wall Branding in Bangalore

From a start up to an established organization, all are into wall branding. Why?
The concept and execution of branding have changed a lot in the past few years. The corporate
houses have initiated new ways to reach out to people. The end purpose of any form of branding is
sales, and companies try out every possible way to make it better.
The art of wall branding in Bangalore is a new found way to enhance the brand image of an
organization. In branding, the platform of promotion is very much important as it decides how much
audience it can reach in a day.
Another important aspect is the vehicle of communication like newspapers television digital ads etc.
The concept of a wall being one of the vehicles is really intriguing. The best part about wall
promotion is the cost which is low in comparison to the rest.
Many offices in Bangalore have used the walls to promote their brand or some of the products
artistically. This adds value to both creativity and commercial aspect.
Why wall branding is essential for any corporate?
It is inevitable that a dull office space adds no value to the working environment. A company always
tries to make their employees feel better and energetic. A bright surrounding is needed to create a
good ambience.
Abolition of dullness- Wall branding discards the dullness from office floor. The employees
work for eight hours at a stretch, and for this they need some good visuals around them
which are soothing to eyes. It gives positive vibes and encouragement to perform better.
In-house promotion- Wall branding gives a better scope for in-house promotion. It is
needed to grow employees’ awareness about the product. In a day there can be several
visitors in an office, and this can even catch their attention.
Adding up a creative angle at work- A workspace without some creativity is highly
unproductive. In an office floor, if the walls are painted with different illustrations, it gives a
creative approach to work. In-wall branding the message is showcased in a unique format
which is hard to find in other vehicles of communication.
Higher return on lesser investment- This kind of promotion is very much cost effective, but
the return is high in comparison to the money spent. A wall branding designing company
does it at a very affordable rate.
Wall branding in Bangalore is now booming as more or less all the companies are utilizing their
space to do some creative work. So if your company is planning to initiate the work then get in
touch with the best wall branding Design Company in Bangalore.


“Serve your product in the right manner with an illustrative packaging design”

Always make sure that your brand is in a continuous mode of communication with its consumers.  This concept is much like an out of sight out of mind psychology. If somehow your brand loses its connection with the people, they might tend to forget you.

Ever since the FMCG companies have intruded in the market with products like spices and other necessities that the local manufacturers suffered a huge loss. The companies have created some impressive packaging design which made a big effect in the selling process.

Do you ever remember a local product over a branded one while shopping your daily groceries?  It’s difficult as any branded product has lots of things that will capture your attention.

A packaging plays a vital role in this context.  It has got graphics, vibrant colors and several other characteristics which keep the product alive in the mind of the consumers for a prolonged time period.

The concept of packaging is all about branding. It is very difficult for a brand to survive without doing the necessary activities. Here we will discuss the masala packaging design concept.

There are several masala packaging Design Company which has crafted the best kind of packaging design for many companies.

In this blog, we will concentrate on a particular aspect of packaging design and that is content.  You might not be aware that the content on a package holds a huge significance for the product.

What are the three most necessary contents required in a spices packaging design?

•    A proper tagline- Every spices product has a proper tagline which creates an identity of the product. The tagline must be short, catchy and must promote either the product or its use.

•    Brief on the making process of the spices- Companies are writing a brief on the making process of the product. How the grinding is taking place? What technology is in use to make it better in taste and health?Often consumers read this area just to be aware of how things are taking place.

•    Health benefits- A masala packaging Design Company must highlight the health benefits of the product. Suppose, you are doing a packaging for a haldi product, it is necessary to highlight the health benefits of haldi so that consumers can actually learn few things from the product itself.

Even now in the market you will see a huge disparity between loose products made by the local companies and packaged products. A proper packaging with exhaustive content on specific areas can actually affect your sale in a positive manner.



How GST is affecting the food sector especially the restaurants?

No such change in government policies has created such a fuss like the way GST did. This has been a
bold move by the central government after the demonetization. The concept of one nation, one tax is
indeed an enterprising one in terms of economic development and curbing black money.
Almost half of the country’s skilled, semi skilled and even unskilled people are not aware of GST. Apart
from the name, there is no such clue about the implementation and how will it do good to the country.
Yet a general perception is persisting that GST will do something good.
No sooner did GST arrive that the food sector has faced a huge pandemonium. The change in tax
structure made a big effect on the pricing. Be it cooked food or raw ones GST prevails on everything.
Here we will be talking about the effect on the restaurants. With time there is a huge development in
this part of the food sector. The urbanized lifestyle has attracted many people to visit restaurants of
varied categories during the weekends. Out eating has become a very popular form of entertainment.
Earlier the taxation system was different. There used to be the following tax burden on every order.
• VAT- This use to be charged only on the food items.
• Service Tax- This tax is levied on the service provided by the restaurant.
• Service charge- This is a kind of charge that is taken only by the restaurant and not the government.
The bill amount uses to get quite high after these charges were added. With the introduction of GST,
everything has been transformed into one single tax which made the system better and organized.
All the non- ac restaurants which do not serve alcohol will charge GST at 12%. This includes the places
which are mainly for home delivery. The charges for AC restaurants are different like it charges 18% GST
on food.
The GST is divided into two sections. One is SGST which is for the state government and the other one
CGST belongs to the central.
How have customers benefitted from GST on food sector?
A customer has to pay only a single tax. This is the best way to eradicate all confusions regarding the
payment of three four different taxes over a bill. With GST implementation the tax rate has also gone
down. Earlier with VAT and service tax, the rate was around 20.5 and now GST has made it to 18%.
People got a big relief from paying extra tax.
Not just customers but GST on food sector also had a great impact on the business owners of
restaurants. Before GST the owners had no such option to adjust the service tax liability with the VAT

on goods. Now, all the taxes are put together into GST and thus the credit of input is available for
adjustment against the output liability.
The implementation of GST might be complicated as of now but nevertheless this will bring a better
growth opportunity for the country.


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What are the most impressive packaging design?

Impressive packaging design not only reflects creativity but also a good amount of smartness in selling a product. Here smartness is defined as the constructive message that is conveyed through the packaging design. Within a very little space, you tell everything about your product and the brand. Be smart with your communication skills and you will definitely achieve a better sale.
Visuals always have a greater impact than anything. A company tries to create appealing visuals for its target consumers so that it gets visible in the vast array of thousands of products. Good packaging also helps in recall value.
Here we will be showcasing some of the most impressive packaging design that can create the biggest attraction for any consumer.

Just take a keen look at these designs. The products are mainly FMCG components. You can see some great visuals created in the form of a human figure. The color combination is also quite appealing. Clarity is the biggest component in these packaging. No insertion of improper text or cluttered images, concrete information, good amount of white space and nevertheless the copy is worth remembering.

Always create a unique design theme which will create the best impression in the minds of the consumers.

This form of packaging design is quite enterprising and can be used in any ready-made food product. Only the cover portion is well designed and that is enough. Always try to capture the essence of the food while designing such item. Make people hungry with your design. This is a magical advice that works every time. Talking about the content part it should be brief yet engaging.

The main design has been conceptualized based on the product name. The first thing that catches your attention is the artwork in the center. There can be such designs where an artwork is given the highest priority. No such content is given in the front portion apart from the basic ones. The complete focus remains on the brand name and the artwork. At times we don’t sell a product directly but sell an emotion or a lifestyle. Here the package is made based on this concept.

There is no end to different forms of packaging design. Limitless ideas create limitless designs. The above designs are made by an agency and are indeed quite impressive if you visualize it properly.


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Quality of the product, brand value, and even food label design are important for a product selling. How? Read below.

A design should always be intriguing and creative for a long term recall value. Every designer makes surethat it catches the attention of the end user. It may be a very simple one or an out of the box concept, at the end all you need is to make the consumers believe in the art of creation.

Food label designing is quite challenging for a designer. It offers a little space with less information but
aims to build a proper message. Every company tries to implement the best design work for its
particular brand.
There are certain things which a designer should keep in mind while creating a visual for a food product.
A design should be such that a consumer ogles at it for a long time and then finally buys it over other
What makes a food label design sellable in the market?
Before designing a food label for a product it is very important to understand the image of the brand
and also the target consumers.
• Specific information- The design should consist of very specific information about the product. A
consumer just needs to know the basic about the product and that too in short. A designer should
always insert a little piece of information and that will suffice.
• Easy to read- The content on the label should be lucid for the mass to understand. All the
descriptions should be short and simple in its presentation.
• Proper nutritional information- It has become mandatory for companies to show the exact
nutritional value of a food product. A designer should leave enough space to put the nutritional value.
• Info graphics- A new way of presenting information to the consumers. Simple content doesn’t really
work in the recent years. Time has come to make content interesting with graphical representation.
Almost every food label designing consist of a proper info graphic.
• Use of color- Proper use of color is another important aspect in designing. A food label should have
the best color contrast for the consumers to buy the product.
A consumer always prefers to buy a product which catches your attention at the very first time.
Although quality and brand matter a lot yet the food label design is the first thing that strikes your eyes
before buying.


What makes a product packaging design intriguing in its approach?


A product can only have a good selling prospect if the packaging is done in the best way. There is hardly
any alternative to a well-designed packaging.
Packaging design is something very creative and unique. There are thousands of companies selling the
same product but an interesting packaging can bring a huge change in the sale of one particular product.
The main agenda of packaging is to sell the product. The design should be such that it attracts the
consumers to buy it and also have a good amount of recall value.
For a designer, it is very important to maintain certain essential qualities of a product packaging design.
Some of them are:
• Uniqueness- A product packaging design should be unique in its presentation. A designer has to
present it in such a way that a target consumer gets hooked on to it. Be it the graphic or the content or
the use of colors everything should have a blend of uniqueness.
• Use of images- Every product packaging should have proper images based on the design. Visuals
make a huge impact on the consumers. All the content written on the package is supported by graphic
images. In the recent times, the focus is more on info graphics.
• Make it sellable-A design should be sellable in its approach. A consumer while buying a product does
a complete check on the packaging. A perfect designed package will take no time to persuade a
consumer. The sale will generate automatically if the entire presentation is perfect.
• Make the product visible- This is again based on perception. Consumers prefer to buy only those
products which have a little bit of visibility outside. Tetra pack products are hard to sell if there is no
product visibility in its exterior part. A designer should always try to insert a graphic representing the
product inside.
• Keep it simple- Creative design comes from simplicity. A design should be simple with an impactful
It completely depends on the designer and the brand on how to present a product packaging design. At
the end, one should always remember that the product is meant for selling and the design is an
ingredient added to make the sell better.


Focus on Social Influencers has a upward curve

Well, we cannot deny the fact that the world around us has shifted to social media and has befriended it by heart and soul. No matter what, we cannot part ourselves from the digital platforms at all and for the smallest information we seek help from platforms like FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest and so on.

So, do you think the marketers have been influenced by social media? Well, research reveals that a lot of companies are turning to social media to develop a direct connection with the consumers so as to give them a better idea about the product. Consumers want the product to talk to them directly than the company speaking about the product. They seek for product reviews on networks like YouTube and Instagram to know more about the thing rather than reading about them from the company website. Sounds like influencer marketing is the next big shot that the marketers are planning to play? So, we have decided to put together the reasons that will justify why influencer marketing is the next big game that marketers ought to play on social media.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing on Social Media:

 Great Power: When it’s marketing, few things work faster than word-of mouth recommendation. This place has been taken over by social media platforms where people prefer interacting with fellow consumers about a particular product that eventually generates twice the sale.

 Matter of Hot Discussion: Big shots like Forbes to Jay Beyer, everybody is talking about influencer marketing. The concept has taken a prominent seat on the lips of reporters and minds of the business men globally.

 It’s Sexy and Fast: When a group of influencers posts a review about a particular product and marks it as a ‘must have’ on social media for the people of that particular product niche, results have showed that within the next week, that particular thing sells out from the market.

 A Helping Hand for SEO : Apart from helping in building a brand name and inducing sales, influencer marketing also aids in increasing the search engine for a particular brand.According to the reports revealed by The Social Media Revolution, when a user generates a post on social media it accounts for 25 percent of search results for the world’s top 20 brands. Therefore, we can say that the more influencers will speak about your brand on social media, the popular it will become on Google.

 Target able and Track able: Marketing before social media was like shooting the target blindfolded. The marketers hardly had any proper track record about the type of products the consumers want and thereby came up with advertisements based on traditional strategies. However, with the advent of social media where pictures, videos, blogs and reviews are constantly posted, it helps the marketers to analyse the data achieved from them thereby giving them a proper insight about the consumer demand. With that being said, we can wrap up the blog on the note that social media plays a great role in marketing as well as inducing healthy sales rate. Therefore, influencer marketing is the next big match that every marketer should try their hands in rather than fearing the risk involved in the game.


Top 5 things to look for, on a food label design

As we walk through the aisles of super markets, most often we pick up those food packets which are extremely attractive, which are mostly on discount on MRP, attached to an offer or probably the most trending product. Most of us do not really take a deep look at the complete food label and we fail to decipher what the label communicates. The food label design is also made as per the standards and regulations before the product lands on the shelves. Here are 5 most important things one needs to make a habit to look for on a food label.

  1. Serving Size: This is the primary element to be seen as the nutritive value calculation is provided for a particular serving size. Therefore, one needs to understand the connection between the serving size and the nutritive value. Most often the nutritive value is calculated for 100 grams while the serving size may be double or more.
  1. Ingredients: It is very important to read and understand the ingredients used in the product. Most often there is a primary ingredient such as wheat, rice, oats etc and a few secondary ingredients which are predominantly food additives, synthetic colors, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers etc. Increased use of these ingredients are not good for health and hence care should be taken to read and understand the ingredients on a food label.
  1. Date of Manufacture & Expiry Date/Shelf life: Based on the ingredients used and the technology involved in the manufacturing of a particular food, the shelf life analysis is done to determine the expiry date. All the food products should add this information to ensure and confirm the safety of use by the consumer. Most often the one that are close to expiry date are placed in the front of the shelves so that the products gets picked soon. Hence one should make it a habit to check on these dates without fail.
  1. Legal requirement: All food products and manufacturers should have a food license and food safety certification which are shared on the food package. Certain legal registration such as ISI, AGMARK etc are also added on some of the food products. A licensed food product ensures food quality and safety to the consumer. If you are a food product manufacturer, then while making the food label design one should never fail to add the license or certification information.
  1. Disclaimers: Most of the food products have disclaimers added such as “Contains nuts”, “Contains Soya and its derivatives”, “Not ideal for consumption by pregnant and lactating women”, “Contains animal fat”, “Not ideal for those with kidney ailments” and more. Such disclaimers can be easily missed which can be detrimental to health.

 Research has proven that reading food labels make the consumer conscious resulting in making better choices. Such effective food label designs are also made mandatory which helps by not allowing illegal manufacturers to place their products in authorized supermarkets. As a responsible consumer, it’s our duty to read and understand food labels, thereby making wise choices.

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dt- digital market

Many business firms use the platforms of digital marketing company in India to attract a large number of consumers in a very short period of time to give information about the company’s plan, policies, services, products and brands that they are offering in the market. The digital marketing company in India helps the people to easily obtain the information about the available products that are in the market.

The digital marketing company in India, Bangalore helps the firms to easily connect with large number of customers with the help of new technology such as social media, email, video based details, on line customers assistance, etc. Some of the equity of digital marketing is content writing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, native advertising, etc.

The digital marketing company in India, Bangalore is a means or medium to meet and captivate or engage the customers at the right time and in the right place so that proper information is provided to the customers about the companies and its brands. It is a type of promotional strategy that the companies performs with the help of different instruments or mechanism of digital marketing in order to expand its business and progress.

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Best digital marketing company

Design Theme-An agency which gives the best solution to all your marketing needs.

Since 1990s and 2000s digital marketing has influenced brands and businesses in magnificent way. Products and businesses are being marketed not just through the internet medium but also through mobile phones, display advertisements and several other digital medium. This has helped the companies to reach their target markets easily. Digital marketing campaigns provide more impetus to a product or company than the conventional way of marketing as it has the capacity to draw mass attraction. Digital marketing is more efficient than any other medium and thus is on high demand.  It is believed that in few years time it would eliminate all the other forms of conventional marketing.

There are various digital marketing companies in India. Design Theme is one of the Best digital marketing company in India, that is providing its efficient services to both the established and start up companies.

Discussed below are the benefits that any digital marketing company provides:

  • Internet Promotion: Internet is one of the important platforms these days; an internet promotion is always beneficial for the company as a large section of the target market can be reached. It also helps to contact and converse with the customers that help the comp-any to identify their strength and weakness.
  • Saves Money: Although it is believed to be very costly, but in the long run, digital marketing is very cost effective. Also there are certain companies like DesignTheme who charges minimum amount for the marketing.
  • Mobile Consumer: Cell phones are very common these days and a lot of people use it. Thus any promotion through this media never gets ignored. Digital Marketing promotes companies to mobile customers.
  • Higher Revenue: The more the publicity the more fame the company gets and thus the revenue increases.
  • Competition: The small companies or the start-ups are benefitted by digital marketing a lot, as they help them compete with matured and famous firms and companies.

Design Theme is one of the Best digital marketing company that provides excellent digital marketing services and are most efficient in this field.